Sunday, June 10, 2012

♥ summer in the air ♥

And I'm sooo ready for summer hehe !!

First a few screenies and then my next wall haul.....

Theme is Mermaid Tide by Nancy Drew, bw is Roxy by hamster, batteryex is CandyFloss by iPink, and super cute wallpaper is from Daphny :)

Theme is by SweetPoison BB Themes, love the colors in this theme.  I use it more than any other theme...thanks girlie :)  Bw is KiwiPie by EaglesFan and batteryex is by hamster :)
Theme is Mermaid Tides, bw set is Life's A Beach by songbirdee and batteryex is CandyFloss by iPink

Theme is by SweetPoison BB Themes, bw set is BlueNeon by EaglesFan, and batteryex is Tulips by BlueBerry Themes :)

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