Wednesday, June 27, 2012

♥ mix and match batch ♥

Viva Las Vegas !!!  Vacay is half over and we are having a blast !!!

A couple of my screenies and then hope you find some walls you like :)

Theme Live Banner by Lucky45 and drkapprentice, bw Barbie W...thanks girlie :)

Theme Beach Babe by Nancy Drew, bw and batteryex by hamster, wallpaper made to match specially for me by Daphny...thanks girlie :) 

Theme TribalDream by Nancy Drew, bw and batteryex DownByTheSea by hamster, and wallpaper made specially for me by hamster...thanks girlie :)


  1. I'm glad to see you're having a great time in Vegas! I love that Vegas wall!!! Hope you've been surviving our heat...but then again, everything is air conditioned. LOL

  2. Hey Barbie !! Yessss I'm loving it here ! I could live here ya know lol ! It's our 4th time here and we are already planning next year ! Today will also be my 4th trip to the Fashion Show Mall lol !
    The heat I can sun-blistered lips I can't...and I even used lip stuff #45 so I'm not sure why they still blistered :(