Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally Yay !!

I'm sooo excited that I've finally finished transferring my most fave walls that I had previously posted on my Tumblr blog !!  I just felt so bad leaving them behind considering all the hours I spent finding them and cropping and resizing and posting....they just had to move with me :)

I think you will find Blogger a little easier to navigate and if you are only into one style of wallpaper you can just go to that post for your device by clicking on the title on the lower right hand side-bar...easy peasy :)

My next post will be new walls...YAY....and I'm sooo ready to get back to that after this long moving process lol !

See you all veryyy soon and thanks for visiting  ♥ it's a berry sweet life ♥  and I hope you find lots of walls to make you device beautiful here !!


Beachy Walls for the Torch/iPhone previously posted on my Tumblr blog.