Sunday, May 26, 2013

♥ summer love ♥

Hey everyone Yessss summer is almost here but for some it's here already, so I've changed up my blog which always feels so good :)

To my US friends and followers Happy Memorial Day to you and your families !

A few of my weekly screenies.......then enjoy some prettiness for your devices :) I'm not going to post the links because we have had quite a few changes to some of the blogs so just click on the 'Blogs I Follow' and I'm sure some of the blogs will redirect you to find what you are looking for :)

Theme is Pink Bubble Gum by Glamour Themes, iWidget by iPhantom Themes, Wallpaper by Elizabeth of iBabyGirl, Weather Stickers by Lucy of iPhonealicious :)

Heart Icons set by Mommy Lhey, iWidget by iPhantomThemes, Wallpaper by Sweet Poison, Weather set FlipFlop by Hamsterwheel :)

Heart Icon set and wallpaper by Mommy Lhey, iWidget by iPhantomThemes, Weather Kampai by songbirdie :)
If you haven't guessed I'm in love with these icons !

♥ summer love ♥ for the iPhone5/Z10/SG3/4

♥ summer love ♥ for the iPhone4/4s/Torch9810