Thursday, June 18, 2015

~red and white and blue~

~Canada Day~
I needed something cuter so I made this!
& Fourth of July~ 
The holidays are coming up quickly so I want to wish all my followers a happy and safe Canada Day and Fourth of July! I am so lucky that I get to spend Canada Day at home and then the Fourth of July in the United States when we arrive just in time on vacation!
Oh big news....HUGE NEWS!!  I got an Apple Watch and I love love LOVE it!! It's just so beautiful. Even the box that it comes in is beautiful! I did have to give up my jailbreak though so that I could update my iOS to 8.3 so that I could get the Apple Watch icon on my iPhone which is required to sync the watch to your phone, but it's okay I love my watch that much that so far I'm good without the jailbreak but I hope a new jailbreak comes out soon! 

Here's a few screenies from my un-jailbroken iPhone6+ as I make the best of it. Special thanks go out to Susan of the O_O blog for the Lilly walls with the matching icon frames, she got an Apple Watch too so we are getting through this no jailbreak thing together.  Also to Elizabeth of the iBabyGirl blog for the Hello Kitty Fourth of July and Summer walls, Debbie from the Love Pink blog for the Roses wall, and Evie of Pretty Walls for the Rilakkuma Bow Wall:)   

And the Wallpapers.................