Saturday, November 24, 2012

♥ snowflakes make me smile ♥

Hellobeans and Happy Winter from Me ♥ 

I hope everyone that celebrates had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends !!  For me, because my Thanksgiving was back in October, I've been waiting for this day to switch over my blog to Winter & Christmas walls....YAY !!!  I also have an enormous THANK YOU to Elizabeth2 of BabyBerry Blog for my amazing banner & background ....Luv ya girl ♥


Winter, another one of my favourite seasons because of all the colours and decorations and twinkling lights on the houses and trees...oh and hot chocolate !!!  And anyone that lives where it snows has to admit how beautiful it looks  on those quiet nights when the sparkly snow falls ever so slowly and landing softly on the ground :)

A few of my weekly screenies showcasing the amazing work of the theme developers, berryweather set designers, batteryex designers, and wallpaper designers.....without them our devices would look pretty dismal....soooo THANK YOU to them !!!  For all BerryWeather sets and most BatteryEx skins you can find them listed under the 'Blogs I Follow' at the side :)

Theme is Green Dock by Themerzz available here:  and bwi and batteryex Design by hamster of Keep Calm and Berry On

Theme Menu by 69Goat, Bwi Design by hamster :)

Theme Green Dock by Themerzz, bwi JingleBells by hamster at Keep Calm and berry On, batteryex by Elizabeth2 at BabyBerry Blog :) 

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi Pink Christmas by BarbieW of Love My Droid :)

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi Pink Christmas by BarbieW of Love My Droid, and wallpaper made by Elizabeth2 of BabyBerry Blog....thanks girlie :)

♥ snowflakes make me smile ♥ for the torch/iphone

Thanks Hamster for sharing this :)


♥ snowflakes make me smile ♥ for the 99xx



♥ snowflakes make me smile ♥ for the 9700