Monday, February 18, 2013

♥ mix & match batch ♥

Hey everyone !  Well Valentines Day is behind us now...and me and my hubs went away for the weekend to celebrate and had a nice dinner...Yum  and relaxed ! 

So going forward....what's next....St.Patricks...Easter...SPRINGTIME !!  Yes I'm so ready for springtime although I have to admit getting snowed in last week was a lot of fun and on a Friday too lol...Yay for unplanned long weekends lol !

Well this mix & match batch is just a little in-between break to use up some pretty walls that I either never got around to posting or that I am resurecting, a few pretty ones that deserve a second go around !

A few of my weekely screenies and then enjoy this new wall haul......

Wallpaper by Daphny and perpagehtml widget from Kittylicious :)

Wallpaper by Julie and perpagehtml widget from iPhantom :)

Wallpaper and custom weather set made by ChikiBujin and widget from iPhantom :) 

Wallpaper made by DoodledPop and weather set Je Taime by Elizabeth of BabyBerryGirl and widget by iPhantom :)


♥ mix & match batch ♥ for the iPhone5/android/torch9850

made by me :)

♥ mix & match batch ♥ for the 99xx

made by me :)

♥ mix & match batch ♥ for the iPhone4/4s/torch9800

made by me:)