Saturday, February 22, 2014

♥ wish ♥

A wish is a dream your heart makes !
A few of my screenies !  Gosh so many cute themes coming out and like daily from all the talented theme,  weather set and wallpaper designers !  I could seriously go broke lol !

Photography by Tamara :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

♥ be mine ♥

Snow away !  Omgosh I've never seen so much snow in years, it's crazy !  Maybe the heat from February 14th will melt it away ♥  Whether it's candy hearts & chocolates or roses & pearls just remember.......

Update Feb 8th - The Sochi Winter Olympics started yesterday with spectacular opening ceremonies !   Make sure to visit  and  blogs for free Olympic wallpapers, weathersets, and zeppelins !
Wallpaper by hamsterwheel :)


A few of my screenies and thanks to all the theme, wallpaper, and weather set designers that make these possible !