Sunday, March 23, 2014

♥ mix & match springtime batch ♥

Springtime is finally here....YAY !!!  Kick back and pretty up your device with some very pretty springtime walls :)

First a few of my screenies......

Theme: Grown Woman by Mommy Lhey

Theme: Pinky Promise by iPhonemizee

Theme: Plum Sticker Icons by Mommy Lhey

Theme: Gold Clear Iconset by iBabyGirl

Theme: Blossoms by Stylized Themes

Theme: Happy Thoughts by Cracked Pearl

Theme: Forever by iKreations

♥ mix & match springtime batch ♥ for the iPhone5/5s/5c/Z10/SG3/4/HTC1

Thanks to my friend seashell for contributing some of these wallpapers <3 

♥ mix & match springtime batch ♥ for the iPhone4s/Torch9810