Wednesday, November 7, 2012

♥ mix & match batch ♥

Okay so I just needed a change up from all the orange and browns...a temporary hiccup because I love fall..... and you all know how much I love pastels and pinks....soooo....another mix & match batch full of prettyness :)

Sooo get yourself a coffee...or tea...or a pumpkin spice latte....and grab a few walls for your device :)

A few of my weekly screenies........

Theme is Menu by 69Goat   (Coming Soon), bwi KeepCalmCrazy by hamster :)

Same theme but I wanted you to see the big ass notifier that pulses red !!  You will never miss a message with this !!!

Same theme Menu by 69Goat,  no dock...lots of real estate for your fave wall, bwi LightHandyAndy by BlastTyrant :)

Theme Equis by Pootermobile, bwi SweaterWeather by Elizabeth, batteryex CoffeeForHim by Elizabeth :)

Theme Equis by Pootermobile,  bwi KeepCalmCrazy by hamster, batteryex WaterColorPastel by hamster :)


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