Saturday, November 17, 2012

♥ grateful hearts ♥

An American Thanksgiving is upon us !!  Family, friends, turkey and pumpkin pies...Yummy !!!

Well I'm Canadian so our Thanksgiving already happened in October but this is my way of celebrating again and for all my American friends and followers :)  I'd like to wish all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving !! 

This will be my last Fall/Autumn post and I will be working on changing up my blog for winter, Christmas and Hannukah walls and I'm veryyy excited because I love snowflake walls and snow scenes and all the colourful Christmas trees and decorations...such a wonderful time !!!

So again please enjoy every special moment of thanksgiving with those you love :)

A few of my weekly screenies and then Happy Thankgiving wallies........

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi Abby'sRedHeart by Elizabeth of BabyBerry :)

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi WildOne by BarbieW. :)

Theme HeavyFluid by drkapprentice, bwi and batteryex Teal Plaid and my special wallpaper all made by hamsterwheel...thanks girlie !! 

Theme Beat Red by Walker themes, bwi QueenofHearts by Elizabeth of BabyBerry, batteryex SimpleLove by songbirdee, and wallpaper from spencerdl :)

Theme Equis by Pootermobile, bwi Allegria by hamster, batteryex CoffeeForHer by Elizabeth of BabyBerry :)

Happy Caturday Everyone !!!  A new theme I just bought this morning lol Rtu by Simple Design, bwi SweaterWeather by Elizabeth, batteryex CoffeeForHer by Elizabeth

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