Friday, June 8, 2012

♥ relax ♥

Relax....That's what I needed to do today when I got a 'warning'  from a CB mod......smh......bully :(

A few screenies and then some pretty walls.....

Theme Fresco by TWP, bw WeatheringTheStormZebra by Blast Tyrant, batterex skin by Daphny :)

Theme by SweetPoison BB Themes, bw Default9000 by Blast Tyrant, batteryex skin by hamster :)

Theme TribalGirl by Nancy Drew, bw BlackMiniSkirt by Blast Tyrant, batteryex by Blueberry Themes, and the wallpaper was how I felt today after my 'warning' !!

Theme by SweetPoison Themes, bwi and batteryex skin WaterColorTeal by hamster & susan, and wallpaper was shared with me by one of my besties Hilary...thx girlie :)
Thanks Everyone !!

1 comment:

  1. is there anyway you could ask your friend if you could share this wall, i absolutely love it