Sunday, June 3, 2012

♥ 50 shades of pretty-ness ♥

A few of my screenies and then the pretty walls :)

Theme is an oldie by Bee called Think Pink, and I love it because of the shade of pink and the font that she used and the heart meters, bw set and batteryex skin is WaterColor a colab by hamster and susan :)

Theme is Notepad2 by BB Freaks, bw set is Doodle by hamster, and the batteryex skin is by BlueBerry Themes :) 

Theme is Cleany by BB Freaks, bw and batteryex by hamster :)

Theme is Notepad2 by BB freaks, bw set is GlitterRed by Barbie W, batteryex is by BlueBerry Themes :)

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