Tuesday, June 19, 2012

♥ magic is something you make ♥

Just a heads up that I'm leaving on Friday for Vegas (baby) for 1 week  !!  *doing the happy dance w/tall drink in my hand*   The next time I post it will be from my hotel room relaxing after the weekend *w/tall drink in my hand*  lmao :) 

Weekly screenshots and then my next wall haul......enjoy !

Theme Lex by Xan,  bw GlitterPink by Barbie W :)

Theme Lex by Xan, bw WaterColorPastel by hamster :)

Theme Live Banner by lucky45 & drkapprentice,  the banner moves and lights up red when you get a message, bw & batteryex UnderTheBoardwalk by hamster :)

Theme Lex by Xan, bw & batteryex UnderTheBoardwalk by hamster, wallpaper by Susan of iPDash :) 


  1. Dress cool. It's been pretty warm here. Not sure if you are familiar with desert heat but the key is to keep hydrated. Sip water even if you're not thirsty. With that out of the way, HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. Awww thanks Barbie :) Yes we go every year at the same time...same kind of heat and we keep lots of water...and um 'drinks' handy at all time lol !! I am sooo ready lol !

    1. Oh ok, I didn't know :) My niece is staying with me for a month while my husband is in AZ. We are going to Fremont St on Saturday night. Quite a few freaks there. LOL. Enjoy yourself here! Lots of things to do as you already know!