Friday, June 1, 2012

♥ it's a new day ♥

New blog beginnings ~ New walls ~ Yup I'd say it's a new day  :)

Just a couple of my screenshots before the new walls.  I do this to showcase the talents of the wonderful designers and developers that make the themes, wallpapers, berryweather sets, and batteryex skins most of the time for free !!!  Thanks to all of you for making our devices look FAB :)

Theme is Notepad by BB Freaks, WaterColor BW set and Battex a colab by Hamster and Susan, wallpaper from Chanel's blog :)

Theme is Houndstooth by Nancy Drew, BW set is Glitter Black by Barbie W, BatteryEx skin is by Blueberry Themes :)

Theme is Fresco by TWP, BW set is GlowingBlue by EaglesFan, Batterex skin is a colab by hamster and Susan, and wallpaper is from Chanel's blog  :)


  1. Hi. Where would I find Chanel's blog. Love this wallpaper. Thanks

  2. Hi Monni625 Chanel's blog is in the list of blogs that I follow and it's called 'beachy turquoise'