Sunday, October 14, 2012

♥ total randomness ♥

Wellllll I got another used bold...YAY !!!   And this time, unlike the last time, this one works PERFECT and is a beauty, even if it's not white, so this one will take me to the end of my contract just fine...I'm sooo happy because I really wanted one  :) 

A few of my weekly screenies and then some totally random walls much like my mix & match batches....Enjoy :)

My first screenies with my new Bold 9900

Theme Jammin by Pootermobile free in App World, bwi PinkWhimsey by BarbieW, batteryex by Daphnyand wallpaper by SweetPoisonThemes :) 

Theme Halloween Cal with Animated glowing pumpkin battery by Raypho on AppWorld, bwi ItsyBitsySpider by Elizabeth, batterex pumpkin by BlueberryThemes :)

Theme Jammin by Pootermobile, bwi itsyBitsySpider by Elizabeth, batteryex and wallpaper HKStarbucks by Xan :) 
Theme Jammin by Pootermobile free in AppWorld, bwi JeTaime by Elizabeth, battereyex and wallpaper by BlueBerryThemes :)

Theme Jammin by Pootermobile free in App World, bwi and batterex FlowerLove by MakeUpNotWar, wallpaper by Xan :)


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