Tuesday, October 2, 2012

♥ October is in our hearts ♥

October is always in most of our hearts as a time when we all stop to remember someone dear to us that has lost their life to breast cancer or someone that is battling this horrible disease right now :(

We step outside of ourselves and in some small way either participate in the Run For The Cure as I have done many times, or even donate to someone that was fundraising for a cure for breast cancer, or buy a pink ribbon....all sorts of ways to donate to help stop this dreaded disease.

If you have a blackberry then Drkapprentice & Lucky45 have made a theme called 'Mini Banner Live Hope' in memory of Drkapprentice's mom who he just lost in february to breast cancer :(  This theme is for sale  at  Mybbota if any one is interested. Live banner means the banner moves so the pink breast cancer ribbons move across the top banner.

You can get it here:  make sure you choose for the correct device. also it might not be made just yet, but they are working hard at it ! All proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

I don't have the theme yet but this is my friend hamster's screenshot for you to see it....It's truly wonderful ! 

You can get my friend hamster's wallpaper on her blog along with her Hope batterex skin and I think a bwi coming soon if not already to match here:

And my friend Julie made some wonderful breast cancer cure wallpapers and has them posted on her blog here:
And iphantom has some really special cute ones here:   and I bet there's more that at the moment I'm not aware of so forgive me if I've missed posting your blog.

I have also made a couple of wallpapers in the torch/iphone and bold sizes.

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