Friday, October 19, 2012

♥ fall fare ♥

fall fare wall haul....and I hope that you all get to go to some of those fun fall fairs !!
And all the good halloween shows will start to come on TV !!

A few of my weekly screenies.....thanks for visiting my blog :)

Theme Bcircles by 69Goat, bwi Grunge  white by BlastTyrant, batteryex OhhLaLa by BlueberryThemes :)

Theme Desktop7 by drkapprentice, bwi Itsty bitsy Spider by Elizabeth, wallpaper from Hilary :)

Theme Stitch by Pootermobile, bwi WeatheringtheStormZebra by BlastTyrant,  batteryex OhhLaLa by BlueberryThemes :) 

Theme Jammin by Pootermobile,  bwi Abby'sPinkWeather by Elizabeth, batteryex HKBoo2 by BlueberryThemes amd moustache wallpaper by emarsha :)

dD_Metro by drkapprentice...and  I love 'ballet' walls :)

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