Tuesday, October 9, 2012

♥ finally feels like fall ♥

Yup it FINALLY feels like fall and the countdown to Halloween is on !!  We went across the border this weekend and in the US there are sooo many Halloween stores and I just love them and all the different candy that we don't have here in Canada and well I had to exercise major self-control to not buy everything I saw LOL !

A few of my weekly screenies...........
Theme Jammin by Pootermobile, bwi & batteryex WitchyWomen by hamster, wallpaper from Roxy :)

Theme Harvest Memory by Raypho in App World, bwi and batteryex FallFestival by hamster, wallpaper from Hilary :)

Theme Mini_Banner_Live_Hope by drkapprentice/69Goat, Hope batteryex and wallpaper by hamster :) 

Theme Jammin by Pootermobile, bwi and batteryex WitchyWoman by hamster, wallpaper by SweetPoison Themes :)


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  1. YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!! Halloweenie time is almost here!!!!!!!!! Love your walls and LOVE your little Halloween countdown! :)