Thursday, October 4, 2012

♥ keep calm and welcome october ♥ for the 99xx

This post has been removed except for the comments. 


  1. Please remove my image from your website. This image was used without my consent and constitutes copyright infringement. The image is available for licensing via Getty Images for a fee. Continued use without payment will be report to Getty Images so that they may pursue backpayment.


    Jennifer M. Ramos, photographer

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry for the delayed response as I haven't checked my blog till today.
      I have removed your photo from my blog.
      I have to tell you that like my profile states all pictures I found on the open web and on free to share sites such as Desktop Nexus, Tumblr, or weheartit. I'm so sorry that somehow your picture was openly posted, and obviously where i found it without any knowlegde of where it originally came from. I am aware that there are ways to protect ones work so that no one can right-click to copy, and that obviously was not the case with this picture. You might notice even in todays post I will not crop off names on pictures and will give credit to the artist if that's how the image was found at one of the 3 websites that i mentioned.
      If it helps to know no one used it.
      It is now removed.
      Sorry that your visit to my blog was not an enjoyable one.