Thursday, September 6, 2012

♥ fall in love ♥

Fall in Loveeeee !! 

So many wonderful things about fall......


And me....I'm looking forward to wearing my Uggs again lol !
A few of my weekly screenies....and I'm still stuck on this same new theme iNew7 Pink by Walker Themes....I just love it !!
Bwi PinkPlaid by hamster, batteryex Coeurs Blancs by Elizabeth :)

Batteryex Pink Hearts by songbirdie :)

Bwi Dotted Pink by hamster, batteryex Pink Hearts by songbirdie, and wallpaper made by emarsha who I will always admire for her artistic talents :)

Bwi Teal Capri by BarbieW, batteryex Coeurs Blancs by Elizabeth :)


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