Tuesday, September 18, 2012

♥ end of summer ♥

End of Summer....Yup fall begins on September 22nd for countries in the Northern Hemisphere (United States, Canada).

First my weekly screenies....I had a problem with that used 9900 bold that I got...the trackpad stopped working :(  so now the guy says he will get it fixed on the weekend.....I HOPE SO...fingers-crossed everyone !
So back on the Torch....for now....

Theme iNew7 Pink by Walker Themes, Wallpaper from Blueberry Themes, battex by songbirdie :)

Theme Beauty Sunset by Raypho (in AppWorld) ....Thanks Ray !! batterex Spiral by hamster :)

Theme iNew7 Pink by Walker Themes, bwi & batterex TropicalSunrise by hamster :)
Theme Digital Trend by Raypho (free in AppWorld)....Thanks Ray !! bwi Glamour by hamster, batterex AquaGlassBattery by songbirdie :)

Theme iNew7 Pink by Walker Themes, bwi & batteryex TropicalSunrise by hamster, wallpaper from roxy's twitpics :)


Sooo kinda like my mix & match batches these walls were to pretty not to post :)

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