Wednesday, September 26, 2012

♥ autumn, the year's last lovely smile ♥

Well I'm all ready for my Uggs out, switched the closet with the coats around....and I'm on vacation for a week !!  The only thing that drives me wild are those tiny little yellow leaves that come into the house on everyone's shoes *eyeroll* lol


A couple of my weekly screenies first and then another fall wall haul......

Theme dD_Metro by drkapprentice, bwi and batteryex FallFestival by hamster :)

Theme is Rainbow Color, bwi FlowerLove by MakeUp Not War, Batteryex and wallpaper by Xan :)

Theme is Purple Poly Polka by Raypho in App World, Thanks Ray ! bwi and batteryex TropicalSunrise by hamster :)

Theme is Jammin by Pootermobile which is free in App World, bwi BBMe by hamster, batterex is by songbirdee and wallpaper is by Corrina :) 

Theme is dD_Metro by drkapprentice, batteryex by Barbie, and wallpaper made by Julie :)

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