Friday, September 14, 2012

♥ bright leaves ~ pumpkins ~ cozy blankies ♥

Bright leaves ~ pumpkins ~ cozy blankies ~ hot apple cider ~ fuzzy boots ~ football ~ hot cocoa ~ comfy sweaters ~ .....all the things we love about Fall :)

A few of my weekly much talent packed into these themes and bwi's and batteryex skins...Thanks everyone !!!

Theme is Ria by 69Goat, bwi DottedPink by hamster, batteryex and wallpaper Acorns by Blueberry Themes :)

Theme  Polky 7 by Raypho, batterex Acorns by Blueberry Themes :)

Theme Poly Polka by Raypho Themes...Thanks Ray !!!  bwi CandyStripes by BarbieW, batteryex by Blueberry Themes :)

Theme De_NEX7 by drkapprentice, bwi and batterex Fall Festival by hamster  :)

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