Sunday, April 7, 2013

♥ spring mix ♥ with a lil bit of summer in the mix πŸ˜‰

Hey everyone.......
I think finally spring is here...YAY !!  Mother Nature played a cruel joke snowing on the first few days of April but I think that's all behind us now thank goodness !

A few of my weekly screenies......then enjoy 'spring mix'

Icons, weather, and wallpaper made by Lucy of and the PerPageHtml by and modded by Lucy , Zepellin by 

Sweet Neo icons by Megan of and Weather set My Love by Elizabeth of   

Glass Iconz by Susan and Taylor of iPdash  wallpaper and zeppelin by WeatherIcon Dotted Pink by hamsterwheel  

Theme is Suave iOS6, wallpaper by MommyLhey PerPageHtml by and Weather Spring Forward by hamsterwheel  

Wallpaper and icons by Taylor and Susan...get yours here: Weather Widget by and Weather Spring Forward by hamsterwheel and Zepellin by me   
Omgosh I love this fish lol !

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