Sunday, April 21, 2013

♥ hello spring ♥ for the iPhone4/4s/Torch9810

wall made by me

wall made by me :)


  1. Hey i just wanna ask u about the font in this blog. May i know the font's name and where i can download it?
    Cause i really like it and i wanna use it in my phone. Thank you :)

  2. Hello :) The font I use on my blog is called Crafty Girls. It's one of the fonts that Blogger offers during the setup. You can find it here and perhaps use it for your phone:

  3. Hi, could you please resize several walls to 480x360? I'm in love with the violin, ellie the elephant, gerri the giraffe, and flower cupcake. TIA

  4. Hi yessika thank you for visiting my blog :) I can remake the ellie and gerri in your size and resize the flower pot. The violin might be a challenge but let me see what I can do with that one. I will post them on my blog most likely tomorrow night :)