Sunday, April 21, 2013

♥ hello spring ♥

Well Hello Spring !! It finally a few days....and then slid back'Sprinter' *eyeroll*

Congrats to an old friend lovenars & Daniel who got married yesterday...they have been in love forever <3

A few of my weekly screenshots.....and thanks so much to all the extremely talented girlies who made these themes, icons, wallpapers, weather sets, iwidgets, and zepellins <3

Theme Spring Sunset and wallpaper by LuckyGals PerPageHTML McClock widget by and re-colored by me to match the theme.  
Icons by gabbel, iWidget VCloud by Jona with Spring Forward WW by hamsterwheel and if you like the wallpaper it's part of a simply beautiful 10pack + zepellin for a $4 donation to Susel's animal organization 'Dogs of A Good Society'  contact if you would like to donate and receive these gorgeous wallies :)  

Theme is Glasklart free on Cydia, iWidget is Vcloud by Jona, My Love WW by Elizabeth2 of  
Icons and wallpaper by gabbell iWidget is 3dayforcast by Jona,  Purcy WW by Elizabeth2     

Theme is SpringTime is here by Wallpaper is by Elizabeth2 (sneekpeek ~ coming soon)

Icons by Susan & Taylor of iPdash blog (no longer open) Wallpaper by  PerPageHtml by   

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