Thursday, April 25, 2013

♥ Hoot Hoot ♥

The Blogger Girls 'DO' give a HOOT !!!
Hey there...You know what they say 'birds of a feather' stick together and so did we ! We all started out on CB and became friends with our blackberry's and now 2 out of 3 are on iPhone's but that really doesn't matter because we are BESTIES <3
Another collaboration by the 3 of us and you will have to visit each blog for Hoot goodies :)
For Hamsterwheel's  Hoot Hoot Berry Weather set and iPhone Weather for Widgets set and wallpaper that she made go here:
For Elizabeth's wallpapers, and depending on which device you have.....
For blackberry go here:
For iPhone go here:
And for Android go here:
Because Elizabeth's a west coast girlie you will have to check her blogs a little later tonight ;)
And below is a wallpaper I made in 4 sizes for you and a Zeppelin for iPhones with JB :)


BB 99xx

BB 9700/9300 Curves

And for the bb theme lovers a cute owl theme by Themerzz here :
Wallpaper by Elizabeth :)


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