Monday, December 3, 2012

♥ winter wonderland ♥

Wow it's been a busy week....and weekend !  Everyone who celebrates the holidays knows that the shopping rush has begun...and all the baking and gift wrapping....and getting the tree decorated...and lights on the house......and PARTIES....YAY FUN !!


And when these busy days end it just nice to find a few minutes to relax........

For those of you that might have missed the post below this one it was the Peppermint Candy collaboration after you get your walls head on over to   and   for some of the most super cute berryweather sets and batterex skins to dress up your devices :)

My weekly screenies...........

Theme RTU by Simple Design, bwi Pink Christmas by BarbieW, batterex by Blueberry Themes :)

Theme is Peek by drkapprentice, bwi ElegantXmas by hamsterwheel, batteryex and wallpaper by Elizabeth :)

Theme is L by Themerzz....a request on CB for an retro style L theme available here:
bwi is KeepCalm by hamster, and batterex is BlueBow by Elizabeth :)  Left dock hides.

Theme is L mini Pink by Themerzz available here:    bwi HelloXmas by hamster, batterex and wallpaper by Blueberry Themes  :)

L mini by Themerzz available here:   bwi BerryTeal by BarbieW , batteryex DoodleHeart by hamster, and wallpaper by Julie of

Theme is Menu by personal favourite and my Go To's just simply amazing !!   bwi BlackGlitter by BarbieW :)

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