Thursday, December 27, 2012

♥ happy beginings ♥

May this be the happy beginning of a wonderful year !!
It's going to be AWESOME !!!
Before I sign off  and leave 2012 behind, I want to wish you and your family the safest and happiest holiday. I hope it is filled with tons of love <3
Happy New Year from 'It's A Berry Sweet Life' !!!!!!!!!!!!
Another colaboration from the Blogger Girls so make sure you visit their blogs for the matching Berry Weather set at : 
and the matching BatteryEx skin at :
We also have a special contribution from JayDee, our Rambling Queen from the CB forums,  You can find her wallpapers also on Keep Calm and Berry On !
So please enjoy the wallpapers I New Years gift to all of you !!!!
And happy New Years from The Blogger Girls !!
For torch/iphone

You Only Live Once = YOLO
  For 99xx

 For 9700

 For torch/iphone


 For 99xx


For the 9700


Have a Safe and Happy New Year !!

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