Saturday, December 1, 2012

♥ Peppermint Candy from The Blogger Girls ♥

Oooooh the weather outside is frightful....but the Blogger Girls are delightful   !!!  Lol !!!

Well as most of you might know Elizabeth, Hamsterwheel (Zaibun) and myself are all BB girlies so Elizabeth had this fab idea that we would make this winter/christmas collaboration for our followers :) 

For the Peppermint Candy BerryWeather set you will have to go to Elizabeth's blog :     babyberrygirl   and for the Peppermint Candy Batteryex skin you can go to Hamsterwheel's blog : keep calm and berry on 

This has been mega fun for us working through BBM because we all live in 2 different countries and 3 different cities and 2 different time zones !

So for YOU.....our FOLLOWERS.....A Berry Merry Winter :)

Here we are The Blogger Girls !!  Wallpaper made by Elizabeth !!!

Our collaboration all put together !!  Peppermint Candy Berry Weather Set by Eliabeth2, Peppermint Candy BatteryEx by Hamsterwheel....and the wallpaper by moi :)

And here's one of my first attempts of making wallpapers.....please go easy on me LOL !!
Please be sure to choose your corrrect size to match with your BerryWeather set from Elizabeth and your BatteryEx skin from Hamsterwheel !!

For the torch/iphone

For the 99xx

For the 9700

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