Sunday, December 9, 2012

♥ jingle all the way ♥

Hey All :) Well I'm really happy because I've got all my Christmas shopping done...YAY !!  and earlier this year than any year....I feel like I've forgotten something lol ! Now the task of all the wrapping...I think I over-bought wrapping paper...AGAIN lol and probably not enough tags....AGAIN lol !

Got my tree up last weekend and my little Bre was totally amazed by it...she was too young last year....I love that look of wonderment in the little child's eyes !!

There are special holiday treats for everyone on the blogs so check out hamsterwheel's and Elizabeth's for new BW sets, Batterex skins, and walls :)  And checkout Julie's blog for her winter walls  and Barbie has the cutest Pink Christmas BW set that I'm loving and Susan has some of the cutest different iphone5 walls  and Blueberry Themes has some super cute HK Xmas walls and matching batteryex skins and holiday themes !!

Also check out the FREE Mini_Live_Banner Holiday themes on CrackBerry for the 99xx series from drkapprentice and Lucky45...Christmas Lights and Let it Snow here:

A few of my weekly screenies.....then dress up your device !!

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi BlackGlitter by BarbieW :) 

Theme Peek by drkapprentice, bwi DarkHandyAndy by BlastTyrant, batteryex HKXmasKitty by Blueberry Themes, and wallpaper by emarsha :)

Theme Menu by 69Goat, bwi Elegant Xmas by hamster :)

Free Christmas lights theme by drkapprentice and Lucky45, bwi MerryBerry by hamsterwheel, batteryex by Blueberry Themes, and wallpaper by hamsterwheel :)

Free Let it Snow by drkapprentice and Lucky45, bwi Gingerbread House by Elizabethm batteryex BlueStars by Elizabeth and wallpaper by Elizabeth o BabyBerryBlog :)


  1. Thanks, Wendy!! The walls are awesome:) Love the variety!!!

    1. Aw you're welcome Zaiby...happy you like it !!!