Saturday, March 9, 2013

♥ top of the morning ♥

Black club (cards)Top of the MorningBlack club (cards)
St. Patrick's Day is coming quickly so let's get our devices green on and ready to party !!
May everyone find their pot of gold at the end of your rainbow !!
A few of my weekly screenie's and then Get Your Green On..... 
Theme Suave iOS6, Lockscreen wallpaper by Elizabeth2

Theme Suave iOS6, Homecreen wallpaper by Elizabeth2 of

Theme is Suave iOS6, Wallpaper and Top of the Morning Weather Widget  by Elizabeth2 PerpageHtml widget by iPhantom    

Super Cute theme is Bubblegum Mini Set by Glamour Themes PerPageHtml and weather by Wallpaper by

Another super cute theme Nellie Blue Mini Set by Wallpaper by  PerPageHtml Weather Widget by


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