Sunday, March 3, 2013

♥ mix & match batch part deux ♥

Hey everyone Happy Sunday !!! 
First of all I'm sorry I took so long to post but since I've done JailBreak on my iPhone5 all I am doing is learning new things and new ways to do everything !!!
I initially had some really great girlies helping me to whom I will be forever grateful *hugs* and now I'm just cruising on my own !! 
Funny thing is I remember not so long ago...just weeks really....going on some of the iPhone blogs and thinking Oh Lord I will never understand this Cydia thing or this Winterboard thing or this PerPageHtml and I just shook my head.....BUT today I understand it all...well most of it and I'm like hmmm what was I so afraid of lol....but I know me...for me it's the unknown and possibly ruining my brand new device which would really be sad...but...that didn't happen and I'm so happy with my iPhone now !!!  

A few of my screenies and I have so many that it was hard to choose but I have so many people to thank for how my iPhone looks you girlies !!!

Wallpaper by Julie :) Weather iconset by Elizabeth :) PerPageHtml by Steph :)
Wallpaper by Julie :) Theme is SuaveiOS6 free in Cydia.  Weather iconset Hoot Hoot by hamsterwheel :)  PerPageHtml by Steph :)  

Theme, wallpaper, and weather widget by Lucy of iPhonealicious :) and PerPageHtml widget by Steph of iPhantom :) 
Wallpaper by Chikibujia :)  Weather by Songbirdee :) PerPageHtml widget by Steph of iPhantom :)  Love Zeppelin by Mommy Lhey :)  

Wallpaper by emarsha :) Weather iconset by Songbirdee :) PerPageHtml and Icons by Lucy :)  

Wallpaper by emarsha :) Weather iconset by Songbirdee :) PerPageHtml by 



  1. i keep seeing lovely widgets from iphantomthemes but now the website doesn't exist! Any way i could still download the widgets???

    1. Hi Skyler1802 well the good news is that if you know which widget you want I have them all. Just email me with the picture of the widget you want and I can send it to you. Email me at Some of the widgets on this page are iWidgets and some are HTML widgets which in some cases have been converted to iWidgets because I don't think HTML widgets work with iOS7 jailbreak, but lets just start with one and go from there okay :) Thanks for visiting my blog....Wendy :)

  2. hi, i wanted to know if theres any way you still have songbirdie's and iphantomthemes weather icons. I can't find them any where.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I can give you the link to all of songbirdie's weather sets. It's:
    As for iPhantomthemes. I think she really only made a couple of weather sets as she was mainly a theme developer. All the rest of the weather sets that she posted were other peoples sets that gave her permission to post them on her site. I have one of her sets that she actually made but that's about all. If you want to leave me your email address I can send it to you as it's inside a widget that I have called Bubble I believe. I was the blackberry theme tester for both the previous and current owner of Themes In Motion. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back often :)

  4. Ive been looking for this HK Pill weather and HK Cupcake weather Iphantom had, I had them saved and I remembered out of no where but they were gone. 😔 If anything please email me @ please and thank you so much 💕