Friday, March 22, 2013

♥ hoppy spring ♥

YES YES YES !!  Spring is FINALLY HERE !! And even though it's been snowing all week here I don't care because it's going to come to an end soon...YAY !

And we also have an early Easter for those of you that celebrate !!

A few of my screenies and then dress your device for spring.....

Wallpaper by Icons by PerPage Widget by  

Theme Suave iOS6, Weather Icon set Spring Forward by
Theme Spring Time is here by Wallpaper by and Weather Icon set by   
Theme Suave iOS6, PerPage Widget by and Spring Forward Weather for PerPage Widgets by  and Semi Pink Status Bare by
Bubblegum Mini Theme by Wallpaper by PerPage Widget by and JeTaime Weather Widget set by    


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