Sunday, July 8, 2012

♥ mix and match batch, part deux ♥

Mix and match batch wall haul or what I refer to as the 'left-overs'  sometimes Lol !!

First a few screenies......remember I do this to showcase the creativity of the talented theme developers, berry weather and batteryex skin designers, and wallpaper designers/posters who in most cases make our devices beautiful for free, or for a dollar or two...thanks to all of you :)

Theme Cutie_Lovie_Cake by Tiffany LaHope, BW set Mellow Pink by hamster, batteryex skin (i think) by songbirdie :)

Theme dD_Metro by drk apprentice designs, bw PinkWhimsey by Barbie, batteryex skin CandyFloss by iPink :)

Theme BeachBabe by Nancy Drew, BW Pink Whimsey and batteryex by Barbie :)

Theme BeachBabe by Nancy Drew, bw set PlumeriaBlast by Catberryday, batteryex skin Oceana by hamster, and wall from Roxy's Twitpix :)

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