Sunday, July 29, 2012

♥ flutter-byes ♥

Lol 'flutter-byes' a more suitable name don't ya think ;)

I'm testing a new theme this week called JellyBerry by drkapprentice and the build by 69Goat which is brilliant !!
Everyone knows I'm a theme heaux lol.....but trust me you don't want to miss this one for your bb !!

My weekly screenies.......then....flutter-byes :)

Theme JellyBerry by drk apprentice/69Goat, bwi KiwiPie by Eaglesfan, batteryex skin by Blueberry Themes and wallpaper from roxy's twitpics :)

Theme JellyBerry by drkapprentice/69Goat, bwi SheerDaintyPink by BarbieW, batterex skin Jo's Bloom by lovenars and wallpaper from Hilary :)
Theme JellyBerry by drkapprentice/69Goat, bwi and batteryex skin MellowYellow by hamster :) 

Theme JellyBerry by drkapprentice/69Goat, bwi PurpleGlitter by BarbieW, batteryex skin CandyFloss by iPink :)
Theme FlowHeart by Raypho, bwi and batteryex skin MellowPink by hamster :)
Ray's themes are FAB ! He's an excellent dev and a friend :)
This theme is so pretty and pink and available for OS7 devices also in BBAppWorld !

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