Sunday, June 23, 2013

♥ summer blues ♥

Happy Summer Everyone.....Thanks so much for dropping by :) I am so looking forward to my summer vacation this year because after 5 years we are taking another 'family' vacation...10 of us to the beach for a week :) So getting in the 'MargaritaVille' mood.....enjoy some beachy wallpapers !!
A few of my weekly screenies.........
Theme iOS7 in Cydia (I'm just pretending lol )  BWeather set Spring Forward by Hamsterwheel and iWidget by iPhantomThemes 

Theme Ice Cream Iconset by iGlamPixels  BWeather by LoveMyDroid iWidget by iPhantomThemes

Theme Pink Stich Iconset by MommyLhey BWeather SpringForward by Hamsterwheel iWidget by iPhantomThemes Wallpaper by Iphonemizee

Theme Young Wild Girls Mini by RaspberryThemes  BWeather My Love by iBabyGirl iWidget by iPhantomThemes 

Theme Sexy Sailor Icons and Wallpaper by MommyLey Weather iWidget by Iphonealicious



  1. I love your screenies! And I did snag some of your walls :)

  2. Aw thanks Barbie :) Coming from you its a huge compliment ! As you can see I finally, after all this time since I asked you, converted my favourite weather set made by you, GlitterMoon, and I love it...thank you <3