Sunday, June 9, 2013

♥ mix and match summery batch ♥

Well so far I'm not thrilled with our summer's like Mother nature threw us some day hot and then back to the cool temps.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Oklahoma affected by those horrific extremely sad :( 
 A few of my weekely screenies......
Icons Freshly Pink Miniset by Glamour Themes, Wallpaper by Lucy and iWidget by iPhantomthemes  

Icons Sweet Neo by Jailbreak Goodies, Wallpaper and Flip Flop Weather set by Hamsterwheel, iWidget by iPhantomthemes

Heart Icons by Mommy Lhey, Wallpaper and Zep by iPhonemizee, Weather set Owlie by Chikibujia, iWidget by iPhantomthemes

Icons & wallpaper Pink Cheetah by Cami, Weather set Leopard Weather Icons by Baddazz Themes, iWidget by iPhantomthemes and Lucy

Wallpaper by Mommy Lhey, Weather set by Baddazz Themes, iWidget by iPhantomthemes



  1. Hello
    I am in love with the pink cheetah wallpaper and icons made by Cami. Can you please tell me where I could find Cami's page , Thank you for your time and for sharing

    1. Hi Alexis I can't believe I just found this now in Spam ! I'm so sorry :( I got the icons and wallpaper here:

  2. Where did you get the Wendy zeppelin from? It's so cute, I want one with my name. :)

  3. Hi Ohayitskat it was made by Jenn from the iPhonemizee blog here at this link :
    You will have to look for the page with all the custom zepps. I think mine was Jenn11
    Thanks for visiting my blog and come back often :)

  4. Thank you for responding ! Definitely will be buying one myself. Love your blog. :)