Sunday, January 13, 2013

♥ winter dreams ♥

Winter dreams !  Well yesterday and today it's been 60 degrees in Toronto which are unbelievable temps for January  !!  I mean it won't last long because the temp is supposed to plunge tonight but I will take this springtime feeling anytime :)

A few of my weekly screenies......

Oh so pretty wallpaper by Lucys_ma_name :)

Beautiful image by Pascal Campion :)

Wallpaper by Daphny 'coming soon on her new blog' excited can't wait !!
Cute Hoot Val Wallie by MommyLhey :)

Oooo and ma new Kate Spade case which I've wanted FOREVER !!!!! (well it seemed like forever lol) It's turquoise on the sides and this one comes off easily :)

And....Orb another new theme designed by Hamsterwheel and built by drkapprentice with spinning icons !!  Get it here:

And just a reminder to choose the correct size for your device and that the iPhone5/torch9850/android walls are larger than they appear....Enjoy this weeks post !!

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