Sunday, January 6, 2013

♥ a new year ~ a new ilife ♥

Well New Years Eve and Day is behind us and I hope everyone had a wonderful time !!  Some people started the new year with some pretty good resolutions....but me....ummm....I started it with a new beautiful white iPhone5 !!! Unbelievable huh !! I know even I was in a bit of shock and denial because I actually still love my 9900 and now I feel like I'm having this wonderful little affair with this pretty iPhone5...Lol !! At the same time I'm missing some of my bbm friends and group friends terribly....but thank goodness for WhatsApp and for some of them agreeing to get the app...whew :)

On my blog I've changed the order a bit so please be sure to choose your correct size.   I have also added walls for the iPhone5 which I've been told also work well on android and the torch 9850. Those walls are actually larger than they appear in the post because I didn't want to use too much post space.

A couple of my new screenies and also Hamsterwheel's new theme collaborations :)

My fave homescreen and lockscreen by Lucys_ma_name of iPhonealicous...thank you girl :)

Another fave homescreen and lockscreen by Sweet Poison themes....thank you girl :)

Thanks Hamsterwheel for the pretty wallie :)
Theme Tiempo by Hamsterwheel  & 69Goat available here:

Theme Glass by Hamsterwheel of Keep Calm and Berry On & Themerzz available here:



  1. Congratulations on your new phone!!! I am sure you're going to love it!

  2. no matter what phone you have we all still love you!! and sounds like a winters dream.. white iphone :D your screenies look beautiful so please share with us when can so we can prepare for bb10 with get some inspiration off you :) love love

    ria xoxoxoxo

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  4. Omgosh this comment is sooo sweet of are such a doll !! I <3 you guys and miss BBU !! makes me so happy you enjoy coming here to my little wallie blog for your bb goodies :)