Saturday, August 25, 2012

♥ mix & match batch ♥

Yup another mix and match batch....random walls that seemed to be leftovers lol !  I'm getting excited and starting to collect fall walls. Not that I want summer to end but I love fall also and it will be something different to post...a change I'm looking forward to :)

My weekly screenies......

Theme Beat by Walker Themes, bwi RedGlitter by BarbieW :)

Theme dD_Metro by drkapprentice, bwi WildOne by BarbieW, batterex skin by songbirdie :)

Theme TribalGirl by Nancy Drew, bwi BlackGlitter by BarbieW, batterex PinkHearts by Elizabeth :)

Theme dD_Metro by drkapprentice, bwi TealCapri by BarbieW, batterex GlassBatteryTeal by songbirdie :)

Theme dD_Metro by drkapprentice, bwi DaVinci, batterex GlassBatteryTeal by songbirdie:)


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