Thursday, August 2, 2012

♥ go girly ♥

Pretty in Pink...Super Cute...Dress up your device like the girly girl inside you !!

My weekly screenies thanks to so many talented developers and designers :)

Theme by SweetPoisonBBThemes, bw and batterex skin TealPlaid by hamster, wallpaper by dianaminx :)

Theme JellyBerry by drkapprentice/69Goat, bw MellowPink by hamster, batterex skin by BlueberryThemes :)

Theme JellyBerry by drkapprentice/69Goat, bw Olympics by EaglesFan on the BerryJelly blog, batterex Olympic by TurkishDelight :)

Theme Pink Live Day Carbon by BBFreaks, bw PinkGlitter by BarbieW, batterex Bitch by Xan :)

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