Friday, May 16, 2014

♥ sketch ma phone ♥

I've always thought that fashion sketches make cool wallpapers so here's a batch that I've put together for all of us ! Thanks to all the artists and their wonderful sketches !

 From weddings....

 to a fashionable walk with your furbaby <3
First a few of my screenshots then enjoy the sketchy wallpapers....

This theme is one of my all-time favourites ! 


  1. Hi Heather ! Geez my Internet went down and somehow your comment got deleted but I remember what you were asking and both of these themes are free and by Lou's Themes and Fonts. One is called Dark Summer and its my favorite and the other is called Glassy. Just so you are aware all the themes I use are from blogs that I follow which you can find down the right hand side of my blog. If you check frequently they update every time some new goodies or themes are added ! Thanks again for visiting my blog :)
    Wendy xoxo

  2. Hi! I have a biig question !! How can I decorate my status bar like your´s? I already installed the premium status bar but I can not found how to decorate like that please please tell me :(

  3. Hi Estrella ! Most of my status bar goodies are actual parts of the theme I'm using and a zeppelin and my weather is theme driven also, so there really is no way I can tell you except to go to Lou's Themes and Fonts and download some of her free themes that come with matching zeppelins and she's themed the signals and batteries on some of them. Thanks for visiting my blog and come back often :)
    Wendy xoxo