Sunday, November 24, 2013

♥ i'm dreaming of a pink christmas ♥

Hey everyone I hope you are all keeping warm as the temperatures start to fall for a lot of us in colder climates !  We have had just some flurries which gave me push to change up my blog for winter so I'm starting with an untraditional Pink Christmas and then as we get closer to Christmas I will go more traditional with the reds and greens !
I'm wishing everyone an incredible holiday season !!  Happy shopping...oh yeah !


A few of my weekly screenies :)

Thank you BarbieW for allowing me to have your BW set converted to use ...always appreciated ! 

Thank You Elizabeth of iBabyGirl for this beautiful Wallpaper :)

Thank you Cathy for this gorgeous wallpaper :)
Thank you Hamsterwheel for making this weather set in gold for me and  Lhey for this beautiful wallpaper :)

Thank you Lucy for posting this super cute wall on Twitter :)