Monday, August 5, 2013

♥ summerlicious 2013 ♥

Hope everyone is enjoying their lazy summer days and nights and relaxing vacations !  Here we are in August already and lots of students will be heading back to schools and colleges soon !

 But while we can, lets still enjoy the delicious summertime.....Summerlicious :)
A few of my weekly screenies and then dress up your device in more summery walls :)
Clear Baby Pink iconset by Mommy Lhey, Wallpaper and my custom Watermark by Daphny, Stickers weatherset by Lucy of iPhonealicious, iWidget by iPhantomThemes :)
Best Mom mini theme by Mommy Lhey,  Tribal wallpaper and Weather set by hamsterwheel of KeepCalmAndBerryOn, iWidget by iPhantomThemes :)

Rainbow Blast iconset, Pastel Chevron wall by MsStephieBaby's Themes & Thangs, iWidget by iPhantomThemes :)
Black Leopard iconset by Mommy Lhey, iWidget by Lucy of iPhonealicious :)

Simplicity iconset by iGlamPixels, iWidget by iPhantomThemes :)



  1. Where do you get these weather sets from? I tried googling them but I can't find them. Are they on a blog or website?

  2. Hi Carlie if you look at my text below each screenshot I say where I got each weather set from, then look at the list on the right side of my blog of the 'Blogs I Follow' and click on the one that matches what I posted. Most of weather sets are free and are either from KeepCalmAndBerryOn or iBabygirl. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting my blog and please come back often :)

  3. You're screenshots are all fabulous!!!

  4. Aw thanks so much Julie !! Coming from you it means a lot :)

  5. Does iphantom do weather icons anymore? I can't find her or them anywhere??? Love your stuff!! I'm new to this decorating my iPhone & I love it so much thx to all you themers!! :)

  6. Hi Brittany and Thank You !! No iPhantom doesn't have a blog anymore, but if your iPhone is jailbroken you can go to iPhonealicious one of the blogs that I follow on the right of my screen and that blog has a lot of iPhantom's widgets on it. Or if you email me at with the screenie that you saw a widget in, then I can email the widget to you as I have almost all of iPhantom's widgets. Hope that helps and thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you come back often !